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(These testimonials are the words of the former clients. It is posted at their request with permission.)

Reopen of Removal proceeding was made possible

I came to the United States in 1999 from China without proper documents. I was arrested by the ICE agents at the airport and placed ina removal proceeding. I lost my asylum application in 2000 and I was ordered removed by an Immigration Judge in New York. The Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed my appeal.In 2006, I got married to a US citizen and I gave birth to three adorable US citizen children. My husband was desperate to reopen my removal proceeding, but saw no possibility of doing so. We met several attorneys but did not feel comfortable at all. In the meantime, unfortunately, ICE arrested me from my home since there was an outstanding removal order agaisnt me. Amid this chaotic situation, in the summer of 2009, we met attorney Shrestha who not only comforted us but also carefully managed to reopen my case and let me adjust my status to that of a permanent resident. His extensive experience in immigration law was the reason why we decided to trust our case to Mr. Shrestha. The feeling of peace and security what I have achieved through my attorney is priceless.

B.J. Shi, New Jersey

A True Professionalism Finally Rescued a Sinking Ship

I came to the United States in 1996. I overstayed my nonimmigrant visa. In 2001, I asked my employer to sponsor me for my resident status under LIFE Act. My employer was ready to sign on the papers but was not willing to go through the hassle of dealing with lawyers. I tried to find a lawyer who could help me get through the jungle of immigration rules. I retained a law frim located in the midtown of New York City. My attorney filed an application for permanent labor certification with US Department of Labor. But I had no idea where my application for labor certification was. I was repeatedly told that my case had been pending due to backlog. Later, I heard my case was transferred to the Backlog Elimination Center of DOL in Philadelphia in 2005. I time to time requested my attorney to inquire my case and get it certified. My then attorney appeared to be more interested in getting new clients than taking care of his old clients. I was greeted with rude responses and asked to be patient. In July of 2007, I heard from friends that the Backlog Elimination Center of DOL was going to be closed in September 2007 and thereafter no applications would be adjudicated. I was helpless and deeped into anxiety. I had heard of Mr. Shrestha from my friends who had been the clients of him. In August, I met Mr. Shrestha and explained my situation and urgency in tracking down my case before the DOL office would be closed. Mr. Shrestha comforted and assured me of doing his best to help me. He quickly managed to communicate with the DOL officers and explained the situation. Mr. Shrestha's true professionalism finally rescued my sinking ship. My application for permanent labor certification was certified in the middle of September of 2007, few days before the DOL shut down its office for good. As a result, I not only managed to obtain my residence status for me and my wife in due course but I have been able to let my children immigrate as permanent residents, who I had not seen for 14 years. I greatly appreciate the efforts Mr. Shrestha made for my case and I commend his professionalism in handling my case.


M. B. Chhetry-Gyawali, Ridgewood, NY


Why I Love This Lawyer

My name is Paul Greenaway a 32 year old, Englishman living in New York City. It isn't easy to write something down on paper that is so important to you, and has changed your life but I will try! In June of 2010 I was denied my permanent Green Card, I found out my lawyers had put together a "joke " of a case. When it was denied, I had a meeting with them and my mother accompanied me too. In short they basically said " well let's wrap it in a different bow and send it back!'. I was in a desperate state! Thankfully a client of mine mentioned that her nanny and ALL her friends had received their Green Cards thanks to the help of this one man. So that was the first time I met Ramesh in July 2010. After talking with him for 2 hrs, both my mother and I LOVED this guy and his opinions- thankfully he agreed to work on my case. He asked me to gather extra info, dig deep, get these things, search for anything relating to this and that- he has an amazing brain for detail!

So with my new counsel, we sent off my appeal, we had put so much more into my case, structured it better and got things that my previous lawyers hadn't even thought about! Today, July 28 th 2011, I received confirmation that I have been granted my Green Card and that my desperate situation of a year ago is finally over and it is because of one thing only-Ramesh!

I sit here typing this letter with the feeling of joy, excitement and relief running through my body. It's the final part there that I want to touch on. There are so so many immigration lawyers out there - or people who claim to be great immigration lawyers - and I hear of so many stories of people getting sent home, denied and told to leave. Please please for the love of everything good, do not look any further than this man Ramesh, he is the best lawyer out there, I have nothing to gain at all by typing this, my Green Card is assured. But I was YOU once, and I know how you feel, do not take a chance on anyone else, this man is a GIANT in the immigration world, I owe him everything and if I could put my cell number, address and email address on here I WOULD!

I will forever be indebted to this man, and will never forget what he did for me and my family. Do yourself the biggest favor of your life and hire this guy as your counsel!

Paul Greenaway

The U.K.

Now, NYC


Extensive Legal Knowledge, Hard Work Ethics, and Professionalism Matter

I came to the U.S.A. in 2001 and applied for asylum in 2002. When my case was referred to the court, I sought for a legal help from one of the prominent Nepali lawyers in New York but he handled my case very poorly (unprofessional and not diligent). A week before my merit hearing, that lawyer simply retained another mediocre lawyer to represent me before the Immigration Judge. Their lousy preparations, ineffective counseling proved hard on me. My case was denied. Not only that, the latter failed to file the brief to the Board of Immigration Appeals on due time. As a result, the Board simply affirmed the judge’s decision without the benefit of the brief. He then concealed all those facts from me. So I was the victim of those two so-called immigration lawyers. After that I had nowhere to go or had no idea from where to begin. My life was in serious jeopardy. I was living with my wife (who was also out of status) two minor US citizen chilren with fear of being sent back to Nepal by ICE any time. I had stopped believing that my dreams of living in the US legally would ever become true.

In 2008, after repeated request from my wife to seek a lawyer’s advice on my case, I met Mr. Ramesh K. Shrestha. I had heard of him from my friends whose cases he had successfully handled. After thoroughly checking all the documents, he found out the mistakes committed by my former attorney. He told me that there was only a small window of hope in my case and offered to help me if I wished.

Long story short, Mr. Shrestha was not only able to reopen my case but also successfully helped me get through the mess caused by my former attorneys, through his extensive legal knowledge, hard work ethics and professionalism. After more than ten years of pain, anxiety and suffering, Mr. Shrestha helped me realize my dream of living in the United States legally.

If your dreams of living in the US have been shattered by ineffective assistance from mediocre immigration lawyers or if you are looking for a good immigration lawyer, then look no further. The Law office of Ramesh K. Shrestha is the perfect place to be. Don't waste your valuable time and money.

At last, don’t get fooled by the promising words or the years of experience. It’s the end result that matters. I can’t be more happier now. If you want your dreams to come true, act now. Let Mr. Shrestha handle your case professionally. I highly recommend Mr. Shrestha to anyone who wants to get their job done once and for all.

R. Gurung, New York


Finally, My Dream Came True

I came to the United States in October of 2000 as a visitor. An attorney filed a permannent labor certification application for me in March of 2001 under LIFE Act. But I had no clue what happened to my application. In the Spring of 2003, I was subjected to NSEERS registration and was placed in a removal proceeding. I filed application for asylum through my former attorney. But he disappeared in 2004. One of my friends recommended me to Mr. Shrestha. When I met Mr. Shrestha, I was in a difficult situation and did not know how I could be able to realize my dream of obtaining a green card for me. Mr. Shrestha not only managed to get my application for permanent labor certification application and I-140 Petition approved, but also helped me win withholding of removal for me. In addition, before it would be too late for me to obtain resident status through my employment, Mr. Shrestha skillfully reopened my removal proceeding and helped me obtain my resident status through the employment based petition in 2010. My dream to become a permanent resident of the United States finally, after a decade, became true. Mr. Shrestha's thorough knowledge of Immigration Law invloving both business immigration and the court proceeding have been a key to my success. I appreciate attorney Shrestha's effort and professionalism. I strongly recommend Mr Shrestha to anyone who seriously needs a competent immigration attorney.

S. J. Chaudhury

Pakistan, now Brooklyn, NY


EB-1 Petition Approved in Two Days - Never Heard of it!

I recently received my green card working with Mr. Shrestha. I applied for it via Employment Based route, EB-1. Let me tell you that I have always been a full-time student in the US throughout this whole time and have never been employed outside the university campus. I was working towards getting a Master's degree at that time. Although I had just a bachelor's degree, I still believed that I had upto six out of ten criteria met for the EB-1 route. Being confident, I applied for it by myself the first time- I received an RFE and eventually USCIS denied it. I was devastated. Thinking about retaining a lawyer, I talked to several lawyers including Mr. Shrestha. Others said there was no way I could get it approved considering I had never even worked outside or without a PhD degree. But, Mr. Shrestha took time to review my application and thought I had a chance. After taking my case, he and I spent months reviewing and editing the previous documents I had. We did not come up with any new documents but revised the documents many time to make them presentable to the USCIS. I will be honest- sometimes, the changes he asked for seemed unnecessary and frustrating but I kept following his lead and today, I have a green card with me.

The most interesting part of it all is that after working with Mr. Shrestha, my EB-1 application was reviewed and approved in just two days- something I have never even heard of. The news made me the happiest person on the earth. 

I honestly recommend you all to work with Mr. Shrestha and follow his guidance if you want the best out of your own immigration application as I did. 

Pratik Chhetri

Now, MD Candidate

Michigan, USA


We Got What We Wanted Because of Our Lawyer

I would like to thank Ramesh Dai because without him it would not have been possible for me to get my asylum approved. My case was not an easy one, as I had to file asylum 5 years after I landed in the USA. I came to USA in 2003 on an F-1 Student Visa. Due to certain financial circumstances back home, I could not continue my studies. I still wanted to continue my studies but, since I was no longer on the status, I could not even do that.  During the 5 years, due to the change in my country's condition, I could not go back, so I had to file for asylum. I thought it would be a good idea to consult Nepalese Lawyers in NY. But sadly and unfortunately, all those lawyers whom I consulted thought I had either no case or was a very weak case and would never be approved and it would be a mistake to file for asylum. They suggested me to continue to illegally stay in the United States as long as I could. Having no choice, I just prepared my application and filed it without any assistance from any attorney. Asylum Office rejected my application. I was devastated. I tried to retain a lawyer. Most of them told me my case was hopeless and I could just buy time to stay in the USA. But, here I am, with my asylum application approved. All thanks to Ramesh Dai. He gave me hope and helped me get status in USA. While Asylum application was in court, I got my EAD. After 6 years of leaving my studies, I finally joined college using my EAD card. My case had been in court for 6 and half years, but he never lost hope and encouraged me that everything would be fine. I had severe one year bar with a weak case. His great legal argument and convincing memorandum of law changed the aspect of my case. My case got approved in April 2015 and I am very happy to say that I am also graduating in the Fall of 2015 and getting my Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering. Although my wife is on H-1B visa, now she does not have to worry about how she will get her green card either.

I would definitely recommend Lawyer Ramesh Dai to everyone who are seeking for a expert, good, professional Lawyer to handle their case. Once, again, I sincerely would like to convey my gratitude to him.


Manash Ghimire

Kathmandu, Nepal
Now, New York City, NY


Again, I Am In Full Of Dream And Hope

I came from Nepal in the USA as an F-1 student in 2006. I couldn’t continue my college due to some financial difficulties. I filed timely asylum application with DHS. My application was denied and sent to immigration court. Immigration Court denied my application stating I was not eligible for asylum. Then I filed appeal before BIA. BIA dismissed my appeal. I again filed Petition for Review with the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. This was the final stage of my case. My appeal got dismissed again. I was devastated. I was told I could get a deportation letter any time. By this time, I already had three lawyers to handle my case. Due to lack of proper advice and carelessness of my previous lawyers, I lost so much time and money. My last lawyer said there was no other way out. In such a panicking situation, I knocked the door of every lawyer that I had heard of. All of them were interested in taking new cases. They said they were not able to help me with my case as my case was weak and also had been denied by the Federal Court. There was nothing left. But I did not lose my hope. The brother-in-law of my best friend heard about my case and told me about Ramesh Shrestha. I met Ramesh Shrestha and he suggested me that I reopen my case. He comforted me saying he would do his best to help me with this case. With his extensive knowledge and experience in immigration law and removal proceeding, he reopened my case. My case was remanded to immigration court again for a new hearing. After eight years, I had a new hearing before an Immigration Judge. But this time, the Judge granted my case. I cannot express how thankful I am to my lawyer, Ramesh Shrestha. It wouldn't have been possible without him. I strongly recommend attorney Shrestha to anyone who has immigration problems.  

L. Gurung,
New York City, NY


I Do Not Believe I Got My H-1B Petition Approved !

It has been a very good experience for me working with one of the finest immigration attorney’s Mr. Shrestha, who has handled my case in an extremely competent and professional way.

In a surprise attack on H-1B visa by the implementation of "Buy American and Hire American" harsh immigration policy, I had lost my hope of getting my H-1B visa approved. But in a very critical time of my H-1B process with his experience and detailed research on current immigration system, he did a wonderful job. He took my case as very challenging and explained the whole process in detail by giving clear guidelines. He also helped me in preparation of required documentation to make my case more efficient.

He understood all my concerns and took care of all scenarios of my case to make sure I don’t get denied on my H-1B. And I am very satisfied with how helpful he was throughout the process and am very happy with the positive outcome on my H-1B case.

I would highly recommend Mr. Shrestha to anyone who has any issues regarding immigrationlaw and policies.

P.S. I just received my H-1B renewal in one shot. Great Jon! Thank you.

Edla Rajavardhan

Murfreesboro, TN


Attorney Ramesh Shrestha is the Best!

Posted by Jamie

January 22, 2020

My husband is a Nepalese citizen and we needed to apply for a spousal visa. He got approved today and I believe a lot of it had to do with our amazing lawyer, Ramesh Shrestha! I am a bit neurotic and was very anxious going through this the last year and half. Mr. Shrestha always calmed me down and assured me everything would be okay. He works extra hard with his clients to make sure your immigrant visa case is 110% approved! The system is making it harder and harder for immigrants to come to America, even in marriage cases. There are so many intricacies and different details you must file right in order to get it. Mr. Shrestha not only makes sure that its all filed right, but he also gets more information from you than needed just in case. He is not only a great lawyer, but he is a wonderful person too. I truly felt that he cared for us as people, not just his clients and when you are dealing with a family relation visa thats so important because it's such a personal matter. My husband and I highly recommend him!


Jamie Dougherty,

Manhattan, NYC

Best - in Professionalism, Competitiveness & Value

January 2021,

It has been a pleasure to work with attorney Ramesh K. Shrestha from the initial consultation until the day my case was approved and my green card was delivered in my hand. I thank the day I stepped into his office with my case. He was always very accessible, responsive, reliable, and very knowledgeable. He has deep knowledge on timing, procedures, current immigration laws and what to expect from the process from the start to finish. He analyzed my case and gave me all the options that I could go for. He took time and showed me positive and negative factors and risks involved in each option. I quickly felt very confident in his competency and honesty. He was efficient and on time in preparing the paperwork for every stage of the application and was diligent and thorough in creating a comprehensive case file to ensure we were providing all information necessary for a successful adjudication of my case. Mr. Shrestha and his team were on top of things in every step of the way. He made me comfortable and confident that my case had been taken care of with great attention. The professional help that I received was a great help and priceless. Mr. Shrestha is open, down to earth, honest, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. In sum, we were in fantastic hands. It has been a wonderful journey to achieve American dream. I would not have achieved it in a short span of time if I had not had the professional help of Mr. Shrestha. I thank Ramesh sir for his great work and please keep up your great work. I strongly recommend Mr. Shrestha and his team for any immigration case (regular or complex) since he is the best immigration attorney you can ask for.

Om P. Basnet,

Chicago, IL



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